School begins each day at 7:45 and ends at 2:45. Students may be dropped off at 6:50 a.m. at the earliest. Teachers will be stationed on duty to supervise students. Students NOT in class by 7:45 will be counted tardy. Full breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:05-7:35 a.m. A “grab & go” breakfast is available for students to take to class from 7:35-7:45 a.m.


Students who ride the bus will be dismissed at 2:40. Cars will be loaded in the front after buses have left. Please stage in the side parking lot by lining up in 2 rows. Cars will then be directed into a single file by staff to pick up your student in the front of the school. Please note that your student’s safety is our number one priority. That being said, parents are not permitted to walk up to the sidewalk or to the buses to pick up their child. Also, when picking up students in a car, you must present a current year car-rider tag. These notify the staff that you are authorized to pick up the child. Anyone who comes through the car line without a tag, will be directed to the office to present identification (even if we recognize you). If your child is riding home with another child, please remember that both students must present a note to the office for verification. Thank you for your understanding of our devotion to your student’s safety.